A New Level of Service and Repair From a Certified Advanced Bicycle Mechanic

Do You Know Who's Fixing Your Bike?

Mark has learned his skills not just from being around and fixing bikes but by keeping up with new technology, by attending component manufacturers clinics and passing certifications given by the worlds leading bicycle training institutes, Including the United Bicycle Institute, Shimano and DT Swiss. He has passed so many tests and workshops that he now is called upon by others in the cycling industry to teach them and special sessions are held annually at the Depot in which advanced workshops are held.

Some of Marks many specialties

Advanced Bicycle mechanics
Frame Alignment
Frame Prep. (with the latest cutting and facing tools)
Suspension Technology From all the major manufacturers including Rockshox, Fox and Manitou.
       Also a;
Master Wheelbuilder, certified by, amongst others, D.T. Swiss
(one of the leading wheel component manufacturers)

And being a frame designer and builder, also has a unique
knowledge of what upgrades or refit will work best on your
bike to suit your riding style.

If you want to take your bike elsewhere for servicing and repair, all we ask is that you make sure their mechanic is as qualified. Ask to see certifications and proof of industry training. If you see a bunch of certificates covering a wall, like you will here, then go ahead and use them! There are a lot of bike shops out there offering full service repairs, operating with a mechanic who has nothing more than a certificate from a basic bike class he took somewhere at sometime. Don't let him learn on your bike!!!

We have here at The Cycle Depot, a fully equipped bicycle repair workshop, capable of repairing and servicing anything. From a complete rebuild on a 1920's classic to servicing the newest bicycle components and technology. If you have a $50 bike - a full on downhill monster or the latest Italian road rocket!!! We can Fix, Service or Upgrade it.

We have the specialized tools and equipment required to perform essential servicing of hydraulic disc brakes and the latest suspension forks and shocks in house, resulting in quicker turnarounds to get you back on the bike quicker.


If you have a project in mind, weather it be an upgrade, custom build or something just plain ain't working right. Give us a call or come in and talk to Mark about it.


Here are a few examples of common workshop tasks that we carry out.

Complete Overhaul.

The bike is completely disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. If you ride your bike hard we recommend you have this done annually, especially all terrain bikes or any bike that has seen wet conditions and muddy trails on a regular basis. Your bike will ride like new again.
All components are cleaned in our Ultrasonic parts cleaner. This is a machine similar to a jewelers cleaner but much heavier duty and with the added benefit of heat. There really is no better way to clean parts. All parts are serviced rebuilt and re-installed and adjusted. Also if you are thinking about upgrades, now is the time. If we are pulling your bike apart to service it anyway we can can change or upgrade components at the same time and you can avoid another service fee.

COST $110.00


This is usually what's needed when you notice your gears have stopped shifting correctly, or brakes not feeling as good as they did. Gears and brakes are adjusted as are all bearings, hubs etc. Wheels are trued and the chain is removed, drive-train cleaned and checked for wear.

COST $50.00


Suspension Overhaul

Most high end suspension units require oil changes and maintenance every 6 to 9 months. We service all makes, in house. If you are unhappy with your forks performance, need help and advice on tuning, we can help. We strip down each unit, drain all oil and service the internals. Unit is rebuilt using fresh oil of the correct weight for the make and of the correct amount for the rider. All O-rings, wipers and crush washers replaced using correct manufacturer parts.

Cost varies depending on make and model. Usually between $85.00 and $145 including oil and all parts.


Custom Wheel Builds

Wheels are built by hand to exacting standards. Pick your components and lacing pattern, or we can choose the components best matched to your riding style etc. For further information go to our wheel building page.

COST $55.00 + Components. Wheels can also be 'Tied and Soldered' at a cost of $40.00 per wheel.

Frame Prep.

Even if you have purchased a frame elsewhere, before you build it up let us prep the frame for you so that your components, when fitted, will perform at their best. It is surprising how many high end frames are supplied without even a basic prep. A prep consists of; Tapping and facing the bottom bracket, reaming and facing the head tube, ream the seat tube to correct dimension. All threaded braze-ons are tapped and cleaned and steel frames are treated with frame saver internally to prevent corrosion.

COST $105.00

Above prices do not include any replacement parts that may be needed.