Semi Custom Bikes.

A big part of what we do here at Cycle Depot is semi custom bikes. Buying standard bikes off the rack in a bike store is great. It gets you in the game, riding the style of bike you want and lets you experience road or mountain riding without breaking the bank. However, when you become hooked on the sport and want to go to the next level you need to get away from buying bikes off the rack and take a more tailored approach. This is where we come in.

The first step is to measure you and then talk about the ride style you have and want. We then pick a frame from one of the many manufacturers we deal with and build it up using components that best fit your needs. This does not need a bunch of technical and industry knowledge on your part, we are here for that, just come in and meet with Mark and he will put together the perfect package for you and your budget.

A few examples of semi custom bikes that we have put together can be seen below and throughout our site. Come into the store and lets start working on your new ride next…

gretta (4).JPG
shanklin (19).JPG
The Ultimate Stem.

The Ultimate Stem.


Diamondback Century Frame.

This frame was built up using a Sram 2 x 11 group. Bars and stem to suit the rider and intended use with aero-bars fitted and flip up arm rests.

The bike was finished off with a set of Marks custom wheels Using DT-Swiss rims and spokes.


Lynskey Pro 29 Helix Frame.

Something very unique. This Lynskey MTB frame was built to a very high specification for a local Bodybuilder. Strength and durability were the key factors here. Also it needed to have a little bling going on too…

Modified Rockshox fork, stiffened crank setup. White Industries hubs with titanium free-hub and max point engagement. Velocity rims and touring spokes for strength and reliability. Braided housing throughout. Over-sized stem. The list goes on.

A Very Happy Rider.

A Very Happy Rider.

Attention to detail. Washered spokes to add durability. Even black and silver spokes for extra visual effect.

Attention to detail. Washered spokes to add durability. Even black and silver spokes for extra visual effect.

soma mixt (5).JPG

Something Completely Different, A Brace Of Mixte…

This frame style has been around for a long time but is rarely seen nowadays. This matching pair was built up for a couple who wanted a retro look with all the modern functionality and performance from modern bicycle technology.

Perfect around town comfortable city bike. Custom wheels, wide range gearing, custom racks from Nitto. Even classic leather Brooks saddles.

As You Can See, Something For Everyone.