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The New 2013 Diamondback "Mason 29er"

       It sounds ridiculous to be talking about next years bikes when we have plenty of 2012 left yet, however this is about the time of year when all the bike companies start their show and tell segment. Also, lots of these offerings will start to be available before the end of the year so as to get a jump on next year.
      One of the new bikes that has caught my eye is the "Mason" all mountain 29er from Diamondback. There are lots of 29ers out there now and they have been following the same standard geometry type. Not a bad thing, 29ers are great. However we are now starting to see some new ideas and ways of thinking about  frame design in the big wheel market and the Mason is one of them. Up to now we have been following the same frame geometry rules to design 29ers as we have been using to build 26ers, I guess it has taken the designers a while to figure out where they can take the 29er.
      The Mason has a really loose 66.5 degree head angle and they have managed to get the centre of gravity down low as well. All in all a innovative design resulting in a really fun bike that is fun to ride up as well as hurtle down.
       Take a look at the video below and check out the full spec at;

Posted on August 1, 2012 .