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Raleigh Competition Renovation

Recently we had a renovation project come through the doors, a 1973 Raleigh "Competition". This bike had been owned since new by the present owner and he had decided that it was time for a makeover.

Before the new paint and decal job.
What started as a simple pull apart, service and rebuild turned into a pull apart and update everything to a modern Campagnolo group and a custom wheelset.

First the frame was treated to a blast and full repaint including a new original spec decal set and three coats of clear-coat. The frame then had the lugs highlighted with gold pin striping. A new custom wheel set hand-built by myself and sporting a set of Eldon rims and a matched set of high flange polished Velo-Orange hubs.
Back from paint.

The customer wanted the build rounded off with a 10 speed compact group from Campy.

The conversion was not without its headaches and a lot of small shims and add-ons had to be handmade to get the new technology to work. However the end result was definitely worth it.

Complete and ready to go.

High gloss and gold pinstripe, classic 70s...

Posted on February 17, 2013 .

Wheel of the Week

A customer with very good taste and a lot of patience finally received his reward today. The new Chris King R45 road hub with the Campy freehub body hit the store, after a long wait, last week and was coupled with a Velocity' Fusion' rim, DT Competition spokes in black and DT brass nipples. The fire red hub added the required splash of color. The newborn hit the scales at a very respectable 918grams and is this particular customer’s third one of my hand- built wheels.
Posted on September 7, 2012 .

Campagnolo Ergoshifter Rebuild. It Can Be Done...

           Modern road brake lever shifter units are not cheap; in fact they are downright spendy. Head towards the upper range of any given companies offerings and the prices start to look like zip codes. So when we have a bike come in for repair that has a broken shifter, there are going to be tears. If that shifter happens to say Campagnolo we may need a cardiac crash cart.
So it was recently when a beautiful Colnago, lugged frame and dripping with Campy, came in for a full overhaul. All was going well until l strung new cables and found a dead shifter. The call was made to the owner and, to his credit, EMT's did not have to be called.
Torn apart (note broken index spring at top of 3rd column from right)
The good thing about Campy, actually there are a lot of good things about Campy, is that the shifter units are completely re-buildable. Shimano and Sram units can have certain parts replaced with success but I have never been totally happy with delving in too deep with them and even ones that have been factory overhauled never feel the same as a new one. However with the Campy units the end result is sometimes better than new.
Pulling one of these bad boys apart though is not something for the faint of heart and I get beads of sweat forming on my brow when I release the first spring. But, so far anyway, with some patience and some good technical drawings that l have acquired over the years, I have had great success with them and a rebuild with some new springs is a lot cheaper than a new shifter.
Back In Business...
So, if you have a set of Italian gear changers that need a service just give me a call. Hell I will even give your Rolex a spring clean too...
Posted on August 31, 2012 .