Renovation of Grants Dragster GT

Dragster GT Muscle Bike. Designed and built by Huffy in 1970 to around 1972.

stevepestgrantsrono1 (15).JPG

Branded as Grants and only sold through the W.T. Grants department stores this is a very rare bicycle now, due to its short run and limited availability through only the Grants stores. This particular model was finished in a candy green paint and had the Carlisle Redline tires as standard. Originally I think it would of had a glitter seat and a short front fender as well. This bike has obviously had some use and is owned locally. The owner, who rode this when he was a young man, brought it to us to make it like new again for his Grandson.

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As you can see from the above images the bike was in a bit of sad state and needed some serious renovation. The bike was first stripped down to bare frame and fork and all parts cleaned. The wheels were in bad shape and the hubs have been completely rebuilt and have new bearings throughout. The coaster brake mechanism is all still original and works well. The spokes had all rusted so I have rebuilt the wheels using new stainless steel straight gauge, custom cut and threaded in the workshop. Duck tail fenders were found in a California bike shop and I have modified them to fit on new fender struts. The original rear fender has obviously been saved, Pam has removed the dents and buffed out as much of the surface rust as possible. The fender can be used again as an historical piece. The Illinois license stickers are an added bonus and date from 1972 and 1973.

The frame, fork, chain-guard and seat clamp were all media blasted and have been painted using a color matched green with a fine subtle metal flake. It sparkles very nicely in the sunlight.

Cycle Depot-138.jpg

The major parts ready to start the build.

Cycle Depot-142.jpg

The wheels fitted with some old school Tioga “Street Block” tires, 2.25 at the rear and 1.95 at the front.

Cycle Depot-159.jpg
Cycle Depot-244.jpg

After all the work is done a 70’s chopper rides again.

Cycle Depot-211.jpg
Cycle Depot-273.jpg

Obviously no renovation is complete without a test ride. If they ever do a remake of “Easy Rider”…Pam’s your girl. Born to be wild.

Posted on December 1, 2018 .