New Site, New Blog.

By now some of our regular customers and followers of our Facebook page will know that Cycle Depot has a new Web-Site, finally. The new site has been a long time coming and part of the reason for that is there has also been a complete change of host for the site and blog. Swapping between hosts is not something I would recommend in the interests of keeping ones sanity, however, sometimes you just have to push the button and go for it. The end result and the rationale behind this change was to make the whole site easier to manage and edit. Our original sites were all housed on our own computers, edited and then transferred on block to hosts using ftp. This is a great way of creating web-sites and you can have a good deal of control over the look and design but, for a bicycle mechanic with limited web-site skills, not particularly easy to make changes and update. This new format is more web based, we have a little less choice and control over the design but changes and edits can be accomplished in minutes rather than hours.

Some of the original web content has been lost to the web pixies, no great loss as a lot of this content was outdated anyway. Gradually we will add the stuff that is still useful to various pages on the site. One of the areas that has become a little chaotic is the blog. So consider this first post a fresh start. I have transferred as many of the blogs from our old hosts to this new platform, unfortunately many have been lost. Those that remain are all a bit jumbled up but still have tags and are searchable. The posts that were “how-to’s” are the ones I was keen to keep and I would say there are about half of them here. I will gradually freshen up and re-post the missing ones over time.

So there you have it. Thank you everyone for your patience, I know a lot of people had given up on ever seeing a new web-site from Hartsburg Cycle Depot, I was very nearly one of them…



This post is supposed to link to our Facebook page with a handy dandy link. “Supposed to” being the key words here. If anyone has problems let me know and I will fix it.

Also, the subscriber list is a new setup too, so even if you subscribed to the old blog and newsletter you will have to do it afresh. Again, any problems let me know and I will try and fix whatever it is I messed up.

Posted on November 19, 2018 .