Praxis Chain Rings.

       Some time ago we became involved with a company called Praxis. A friend and avid rider told us about this new chain ring manufacturer that was using forged presses to create  the ultimate, profiled ring. We looked them up and became dealers.
        Their products are very impressive and the feedback received from riders is positive too. Basically they cold forge the alloy using a huge 2 story press delivering a blow of some 1000 tons of pressure. The result is a chain ring that is extremely durable and light at the same time. I do not know if you have looked closely at a chain ring before but, they have lots of divots and scoops on the teeth and on the sides. These features are called ramps and pins. They basically create areas around the ring where it is easier for the chain to jump from one ring to the next. Praxis has taken this to the next level and every tooth has a slightly different profile to its neighbor. Also they have matched rings together in a way never before done as well. They have perfectly timed transitions with departure points on one matched to pickup points on another.
Look Cool Too...
         Anyway, take a look for yourselves. They are adding products to their range all the time and have rings that can retro fit to most of your setups, so you can bolt the rings onto existing crank sets..
Posted on August 10, 2012 .