Great Hub For That Classic Look

VeloOrange "Grand Cru" Front Hub.
A company that we are becoming more impressed with each time we use their products is Velo Orange. The picture above is one of their high flange hubs. Superbly made and looks beautiful too. We have used them a few times now and they build up very well, they also come with quality bearings as standard, you would not believe how many hubs that we use needing a bearing  upgrade before sending them out, these however feel slick and have good seals on them. Velo Orange also produces some headsets, a range of handlebars and lots of other nicely machined parts, all with the same quality build and style. There are a small range of leather saddles too that look and feel every bit as good as a Brooks. I know it is sacrilege for a Brit to say such a thing... Check out their website at or let us know what you are interested in.
Posted on July 24, 2012 .