Custom Frames.

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Pam and I started out just doing custom frames and paint, however, since opening a traditional store we no longer have the time or space to build our own frames anymore. This does not mean that we no longer offer custom bikes though. I have always believed that a high end bicycle store must offer and, have the ability to design a full custom bike frame for a rider, no matter their style or discipline. If your want the ultimate riding machine, matched perfectly to you, then a custom frame is the only way to achieve that.

Why Go Custom?

Every bicycle built today by the major manufacturers is for an average sized, and more of a problem, average proportioned person. The only choice when picking a frame is really the seat tube length, as the seat tube length increases so the top tube length increases by an average amount also. Road bikes tend to have a few more sizes in their ranges but even here you still have to accept longer top tubes in a set size matched to the seat tube length. This would be no problem if we all came in standard sizes, unfortunately this is far from true.

You could stand twenty people, all 5 feet 8 inches tall, in a row and measure their arm, torso, and leg length and get a different set of measurements for each person.

The problem is even worse for woman, as most of these standard measurements are really only standard male measurements.

Anytime you sit on a non-custom bike your body is having to make compromises. A bike built to your individual body dimensions will make you feel more comfortable and therefore more relaxed and able to get the best performance from your muscles. Obviously no two people are alike, and that is why no two bikes that we have built, or designed, have been alike.

Other factors that go into designing and building your ultimate cycling machine are, your weight, your riding style, how you like the bike to handle, surfaces and terrain that you mainly ride on, will you be racing on any level or touring, etc. etc.

As much information that you can give will help produce the bike of your dreams that will fit you like a glove, be it a full blown Downhill mountain bike or stead for the next Tour de France.

Above are some pictures of Marks “fillet brazed” and “lugged” frames during the build process.

Although not firing up the torch much anymore, we still have a full design book through the year. We have our body measurement jigs ready and produce our own full frame designs using the latest CAD software. These drawings are then sent to the builder of choice for a particular project and built. This is a very efficient way of doing things and enables us to work around long wait times and speeding up the process.

tn_Demo Bike Fit For Shop.jpg

An example of a basic frame and fit drawing. The line drawn rider has all the body measurements programmed in from the in store fit session. These drawings are then developed and refined further until we get the result we want. We even have the ability to animate these designs and to pull data from every degree of a crank revolution. We can then use these same workups to experiment with components when it comes time to spec the bike out.


The end result. Happy rider…

Hentges Moots (1).JPG
The ultimate ride will always be a frame that is designed to fit you from the ground up.

The ultimate ride will always be a frame that is designed to fit you from the ground up.