We Also Teach...

Maintenance and repair classes have been a part of Hartsburg Cycle Depot for many years. Mark is part of the Park Tools class and teacher network and over the years we have had many individuals and groups pass through the workshop. Everybody is welcome and we tailor each lesson to you. Whether you want to learn to fix a flat or rebuild your bike from the ground up we can help you achieve your goal.

We like to use your own bike in the lessons, that way you become familiar with own equipment. Also you will have a list of only the necessary tools for your bike and not end up with a bunch of stuff you will never use.

Mark teaches all the classes and Pam makes sure everyone remains fed and watered, and more importantly stops Mark from talking at a reasonable hour!!!

Courses are scheduled at times convenient to you. Just give us a call and set up a class.


Some Examples of Popular Classes

Bike Basics - Approx. 1 1/2 Hours - $55.00

A good introduction to basic bicycle safety and maintenance. Topics covered include; pre-ride bike check, lubrication,correct use of quick releases and wheel alignment plus some basic mechanical maintenance. Flat tire repair will also be covered.


Introduction to Home Mechanics - Approx. 3 Hours - $125.00

Completing this class will give the participant a good working knowledge of bicycles and and how to maintain them. Areas covered are; cleaning, essential tools and how to use them, lubrication, flat tire repair. Wheels and signs of problems. We will also look at shifting and braking systems and learn how to adjust them and check for signs of wear.


In Depth Maintenance - minimum 3 sometimes 4 sessions of around 3 hours each - $380

This class is limited to 2 people per class. Course covers a total bike rebuild, down to a bare frame and back up. Diagnosing and fixing problems and covering the use of all tools required for the job. At the end of the course your bicycle will have had a complete frame up overhaul. We also run new cables and housing throughout, (parts are extra).


Group Change a Flat Lessons.

If you have a few ride buddies and you want to learn how to deal with a flat out on the trail, we can do a group session and get everybody up to speed and kitted out with the stuff you need to take care of it.


Most of the time we are one on one and therefore only move on when you are ready. If you have a specific request, want to find out more, just give us a call.