Bicycle Fitting

One way of making your riding experience more enjoyable is through accurate and purpose specific fit. Whether you are trying for pure comfort or ultimate performance proper fit is key.

Over the years we have developed an extensive database of information gleaned from our many custom bike designs. However we can use this information to fit mass produced standard bike designs as well. Mark uses his formulas to get the various dimensions he needs and then, with the aid of our CAD system, gets the fit dialed in. Obviously we are not suggesting Mark re-welds your frame, but, lots can be done with different stems and seat posts with varying angles and length.

All this starts with some accurate body measuring. We have various jigs etc. for measuring torso, arm, inseam hands etc. We refer to the jigs as our old English torture devises, they look a lot worse than they are and we have not lost a patient yet!!!

We have lots of racers and club riders that have undergone our fittings as well as people just looking to eliminate soreness and numbness. Whatever your requirements we can help get you to where you want be.


An example of a bicycle fitting and the information used to create a well fitting bicycle.

Demo Bike Fit For Shop.jpg

Anyone who is purchasing a performance bike from us gets a full bike fit, like the one above, free. The price for fitting your existing bike is $95.

All fittings require some time and we ask that you make an appointment for a full measuring session. Mark then has a full workup ready in around 3 days. We then get you and the bike back and make the adjustments.